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Leadership Circle Asia Pacific

LCP Certification | 22-24 April, 2024 | SINGAPORE | 8.30am - 5.30pm (In Person)

LCP Certification | 22-24 April, 2024 | SINGAPORE | 8.30am - 5.30pm (In Person)

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8.30am - 5.30pm SGT – 3 days

Venue TBA, Singapore
Presented in Association with OSC

The Leadership Circle Profile™ Certification is packed with content designed to help you understand, work with, and effectively debrief the Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment. Learn more about the LCP Certification here.

For Certification, payment will be required during online registration. If online payment can not be arranged please go to this form here. Please note that Leadership Circle policy is that all workshop fees are paid in full prior to the commencement of the event.

Refresh: If you have previously been certified in the Leadership Circle Profile and wish to attend as a Refresh please contact us at for a discount code.


Please Note: Experience/education around 1 to 1 coaching for leadership or personal development is required to attend this program.

Specific Program Requirements:

  • The Leadership Circle Profile will take about 1-hour of your time to enter evaluators and complete the self-survey. Your evaluators (recommended 10-15) will take about 20 min each to complete the survey.
  • The debrief of your results will be 90-min and must be scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance
  • The e-learning course will take approximately 2 hours before and 3 hours after the Certification
  • Attend the Certification in full and be fully present

You must complete your pre-work requirements (the Leadership Circle Profile, debrief, e-learning modules) 1-2 weeks prior to Certification start date or you may be subject to a transfer to a different session


As part of Certification, you will receive a:

  • Personal Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)
  • Physical copy of Mastering Leadership book
  • 90-min personalised debrief of your results with a coach
  • E-Learning module
  • Physical and Digital Materials
  • Included electronic LCP to use on a client of your choice following Certification completion (AUD$594/USD$400 value)
  • Included Assessment Services Support on your Included Client LCP
  • 60 Minutes of Debrief Mentoring Support with a Experienced Certified Consultant to prepare your first debrief.
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  • Register & Get Pre-approved
  • Initiate Leadership Circle Profile (1 hr)
  • Schedule & complete 1:1 debrief (90-min) with Coach
  • Complete Pre-Certification e-learning course (2 hrs)
  • Attend Certification Training (approx 24hr)
  • Complete Post Certification e-learning course (3 hrs)
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a LCP Certified Practitioner!

    Refer someone (not from your organisation) who completes The Leadership Circle Profile Certification*, and you will receive a credit for a free Leadership Circle Profile assessment (AUD $540 + GST/ $400 USD retail value) that you can use with your clients after they attend certification.

    *Referrals must not be an existing contact of Leadership Circle. Referrals must attend LCP Certification concurrent or before credit being issued.


    All Virtual Certifications are delivered via Zoom. Approximately 3 weeks before certification, you will be provided with further details such as your Zoom Meeting links, pre-course work, how to download electronic materials, and other key information.

    The virtual format does require a few things from you:

    • Make sure you have a solid internet connection with high speed, if possible.
    • Ensure your sound and video camera work on your laptop/computer. We will want to see and hear each other.
    • Download and familiarise yourself with Zoom so you’re ready to go from the first session.

    Transfer requests:

    • Virtual certifications, no fee will apply to transfer
    • Face-to-Face certifications, transfers within 10 Business days will incur a catering fee (AUD $300/USD $220).


    • More than 10 Business days before certification will be refunded, unless and LCP profile and debrief has been provided, in which case a fee will be deducted (AUD$500/USD$420).
    • Within 10 Days for Virtual Certification will incur a Cancellation Fee of AUD$500/USD$420.
    • Within 10 Days for Face to Face Certifications will incur a Cancellation Fee of AUD$800/USD$ 640
    • Refresh Certifications will only incur a Cancellation Fee if Catering, Materials and Shipping or Retake LCP and Debrief costs have been incurred.