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  • Help teams gain deeper insight

    Scale your influence and impact beyond coaching individual leaders. Effectively use the Collective Leadership Assessment with teams or full organisations.

  • Universal Model of Leadership™ for Teams

    Further utilise the Universal Model of Leadership™ for teams of collective leaders. Leverage both the LCP Group Report and the Collective Leadership Assessment™ to create broad strategic collective change.

  • Get your CCE Hours

    Approved by International Coaching Federation for 14 CCE Units:
    Core Competencies: 8 Units Resource Development: 6 Units

  • Help Create a Competitive Leadership Advantage

    Aid in transforming the collective effectiveness of leadership teams.

  • Provide Insight Into Gaps Between Experienced and Ideal Organisational Leadership

    Leadership intelligence for groups, teams, and entire organisations.

  • Join the Next Level of Leadership Circle Certified Practitioners

    Getting Certified in the Collective Leadership Assessment allows you to expand your reach in both your client organisations and in our global community of pracititoners.